Successful CASTOR blockade at Franco-German border

waste train had to detour

On Saturday 6 November the 12th Castor transport from France to Gorleben was scheduled to pass the German-French border in Berg, Rhineland-Palatinate state. More than 2,000 anti-nuclear activists assembled to demonstrate. Many were willing to blockade the CASTOR train to send a clear message against nuclear power.

The blockade was successful. The CASTOR consignment was blocked and forced to take another route. It's the first time so many people awaited the CASTORS with a distinct blockade in south-west Germany.

Videoclip, duration: 6:18 minutes

subtitles: spanish, english

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cold sit-in-night on the castorrailway

cold sit-in-night on the castorrailway

Harlingen, Wendland

The controversy about the extending the times nuclear plants are allowed to run has been taken to the tracks. More and more activists reach the railway tracks the transport has to pass. As we go along a couple of thousand people sit on the tracks blocking the way to Dannenberg. With blankets, warm soup and music they prepare for a long night.

Climate of Hope

Climate of Hope

Climate change, nuclear power and the energy revolution

Climate of Hope is a 30 minute documentary created to demystify climate change and nuclear energy. While the threat of climate change is now widely accepted in the community, the potential for nuclear power stations in Australia has raised questions about the best strategy for our country to move to a low-carbon economy.

Stop Castor

Stop Castor

Protests against Nuclear Waste Transports in Germany

Nowhere on earth has the nuclear industry found a safe way to keep waste that will remain dangerous for at least a million years. In Germany politicians decided 30 years ago that a salt deposit near the village of Gorleben in the north of the country should be the permanent repository, and a prefabricated storage hall next door to it the "interim storage". Scientists almost from the outset ruled the salt dome unsafe.