Publish your videos

Publishing films and videoclips at cine rebelde?

Film-makers and videoactivists are welcome to send in proposals.
Here are some indications to give you an idea of the kind of things we are looking for and the kind of material we will not publish:

- dedicated, informative and inspiring films
- films dealing with environmental and social justice issues, denouncing power structures
- social movement oriented
- films documenting key moments of political struggles and political practice
- the voices and faces of those, who never get to speak in the mainstream media and tell stories of how they are directly affected by injustice and oppression.
- people telling about their wishes, utopia and dreams of a different world
- films contributing to write the history of social movements, instead of it being told by the powerful

- please do not use copyrighted materials (pictures, films or music)
- we will not publish materials that are incriminating or violating personal rights. Nor material that is racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or glorifying violence.
- we are open to creativity, but expect films to be appealing in terms of their aesthetics and dramaturgy

What we can offer:

- a platform to publish videoclips in good quality
- videoclips are stored on our own server
- production and distribution of DVDs
- DVD authoring. Designing menus, multilingual audio tracks and subtitles.
- duplication of DVDs including coloured label, inlay, cover
- yearly accounting of all sales of your film