Latitude 36

documentary and fiction about the south european border

Latitude 36 is an imaginary line on a map at the same time a real location - the Straits of Gibraltar - where clandestine emigration takes place. In Latitude 36 the protagonists are the emigrants: documentation and fiction, gestures and words, dreams and wishes.

Latitude 36 is a tale, a crosspoint of micronarrations that map the south european border.

multilingual DVD 65 Min.
Original Spanisch / Arabic with subtitles in english, german, and french.

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Lesvos: Beautiful Prison

Lesvos: Beautiful Prison

the documentary engages with the stories and experiences of five women on the Greek island Lesvos. Lesvos has been one of the main arrival point for people on the move towards Europe. The women depicted in the movie all have their own story about how they reached the island. Together they offer a unique perspective on what happened and is happening on Lesvos: From the first refugees arriving on the island, the conditions in refugee camp Moria, autonomous living, friendship and mutual aid in a squatted building in the middle of Lesvos' capital.