Wake Up, Freak Out - then Get a Grip

It's much, much later than you think

This really isn't about polar bears any more. At this very moment, the fate of civilization itself hangs in the balance. It turns out that the way we have been calculating the future impacts of climate change up to now has been missing a really important piece of the picture. It seems we are now dangerously close to the tipping point in the world's climate system; this is the point of no return, after which truly catastrophic changes become inevitable.

Wake up, Freak Out - then get a Grip is a short, animated film by Leo Murray about the single most important task in all of human history: preventing runaway global warming.

multilingual DVD - 11:30 min

audio dubs in english, german, french and hungarian

subtitles: english, dutch

more translations in working process

script with extensive references and links: http://wakeupfreakout.org