Mexico Magico

documentary about social movements in Mexico

"The opportunity that presents itself right now in Mexico is, that for the first time, people are seriously outlining an idea of how to solve problems with their own means and in mutual solidarity. For the first time since Mexico's independence people have stopped turning their eyes upwards and waiting for some good lord or hero to come and solve the problem... Professional politicians have not managed to bring about results, and the misery has assumed such proportions that people have started working out their own initiatives." Yeyo, coordinator of the "Universidad de la Tierra", Oaxaca 2007







The documentary shows some of these initiatives, let it be the autonomous education – and health system of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, the self organised county police in Guerrero, the fight of the social movements in Oaxaca or the network meeting of the indigenous peoples of America in Sonora.

People of different ages and cultures talk about their view onto politics, the fight for the natural recourses, the right of education and health and they talk about their thoughts and concerns about Mexico and its future.

DVD - 84 minutes

Spanish with English, German and French subtitles

production: momo, Mexico/Germany