A little bit of so much truth

chronicle of a rebellion in Oaxaca/Mexico

In the summer of 2006, a broad-based, non-violent, popular uprising exploded in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. Some compared it to the Paris Commune, while others called it the first Latin American revolution of the 21st century. But it was the people's use of the media that truly made history in Oaxaca.

A Little Bit of So Much Truth captures the unprecedented media phenomenon that emerged when tens of thousands of school teachers, housewives, indigenous communities, health workers, farmers, and students took 14 radio stations and one TV station into their own hands, using them to organize, mobilize, and ultimately defend their grassroots struggle for social, cultural, and economic justice.

DVD 93 minutes
Spanish with subtitles in english, german, french, italian, protuguese

A film by Jill Freidberg, award winning producer of Granito de Arena and This is What Democracy Looks Like
Production: corrugated films and mal de ojo
Licence: Creative Commons by-nc-nd