Breaking the siege

a film about the events in Atenco / Mexico 2006

Breaking the siege

San Salvador Atenco, May 2006. A small town in the suburbs of Mexico City. Two months before the presidential elections, a conflict for land and rights escalates between the population of Atenco and the Mexican government. Unbelievable events take place: the police attack a marketplace, the inhabitants block the highways leading to the city, and confrontations between an outraged population and police forces break out. The state of emergency goes on for several days and culminates in the death of a 14 year old boy.

This documentary reveals mass media’s strategy that ignores the concerns of the population and generates a climate of fear in order to justify a massive police deployment.

3.000 riot cops enter Atenco with cruel brutality. The results are devastated homes, massive and arbitrary arrests, rapes and several violations of human rights that remind us of the Latin American dictatorships of the 70s. Solidarity protests take place from Berlin to Montreal. “Breaking the siege” tells the story of those who didn’t get the chance to speak in the mass media and who do not feel intimidated in the struggle for their rights.

- a film by Canal 6 de Julio and Promedios
- DVD 47 minutes, multilingual, copyleft
- Spanish with subtitles in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese